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Transitus Angeli

Transitus Angeli is located within the stream of film-work that has sought alternatives to realistic visual representation and figuration, but acknowledges that abstraction in both the visual and sonic domains cannot be separated from the world from which it emerges. Ironically titled, this piece of “sonic cinema”, or "sonikinos", is an oppositional response to current reactionary tendencies and growing economic, social and political turbulence. Through systematic distortion and deconstruction, a synthesised bell-sound becomes transformed into a rough-music, charivari, scampanate, or katzenmusik, articulated and reinforced visually, synchretically, and synaesthetically by the agitated jitter of a visual field derived from digitised looped and sequenced hand-painted 16 mm film.

Director: Stewart Collinson & Andrea Szigetvári

Stewart Collinson is an artist making moving image work for single-screen viewing, gallery installation, live mixing and projection of video and digital imagery for performance.

Andrea Szigetvári is an electroacoustic music composer. Her creative and research interests are timbre in new music, interactive performance, and synchresis in audiovisual art. She studied in Warsaw and then as a Fulbright scholar in the USA, returning to Hungary to set up the Hungarian Computer Music Foundation.

Stewart Collinson & Andrea Szigetvári

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UK 2014 11'17 Animation Color 4:3