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Toma Zidic ‘Seeker’


Exclamation point… Surface… Circle… Run… Path… Andrea.
Seeker in a quest for imagination. Driven by fear.
Passion to give and share.
Association. Method. Inspiration.
Invitation to contribute.
Power of the process.
She is Andrea Knezovic. Sometimes…
A Seeker.


Cast:Andrea Knezovic (as herself)



Seeker, experimental documentary, 10'21'', 2016

Animae, experimental, 6', 2015

Reflections, experimental, 11', 2015

The Runner, experimental documentary, 5'39, 2014

Games, fiction, 10', 2014

Carousel, fiction, 15', 2011

Deck-down, fiction, 25', 2009

Whirligig, video-art, 01'(loop), 2007

Screwed Werder, fiction, 19', 2007

Film Music, documentary, 19', 2006

The Last Breath, experimental, 01', 2005



Toma Zidic was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1988. He is director and writer with more than ten years of experience in industry. As an author he started in Cinema Club Zagreb. So far he worked as assistant director, production manager, production assistant and a producer on Croatian feature films and TV Series and on international co-productions. He directed ten short films which made national and international success on film festivals. He directed two theatre productions and he is a published poet. He is co-founder and artistic director of “Kratki na brzinu” short film festival. He lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.