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The sower

THE SOWER; 8' 43''; 2013

 Concept,visuals, directed by: Janja Rakuš

Editing: Žiga Pilih

Sound: Shannon O'Neill

 The sower is a commonly recognizable theme in the memory of European culture.The emblem of sowing and harvesting, sacrificing and giving, the soil and man, fertile matter, moral beauty and power. The act of sowing is a primal picture of the contact of two instruments joined in the fateful meaning of passage and renovation. A moment stolen from eternity, in which a hand, doomed to the abyss of the earth, unclenches its fist, to fertilize its existence. This is both a reconciliation and a challenge, a climax of the elegance of man's culture, an act of his will, an attitude of his wisdom.

If my figure of Sower stands somewhere between heaven and earth,than my moving image penetrates beyond the physical Icon and changes of Season. It reflects process of transfiguration, the Pilgrimage of   Light through the human Body or with other words: Death is Portal for a Seed immortal.

Janja RakušNetherlands-2013-8'43

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-640x360-Strereo