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The second coming

The Second Coming

A post-modern version of the Jesus and Mary Magdalene story

United States, 2013 | 24 min 23 sec | Narrative fiction, Post modern, Romance - Directed by D.R. Garrett

Producer: D.R. Garrett and John Densmore

Screenwriter: D.R. Garrett

Editor: D.R. Garrett

Director of photography: Tom Frisch

Format : Quick Time Movie ( MOV )

Image color

Resolution: 16:9

Number of copies: 1/5

Music: not original . with permission of the authors John Densmore and Jerry Johnson


Matt Mitchum
Shelley Virginia
Calvin McCarthy
Nola Gray
Olivia Shimkus



The Second Coming is a dark love story about Mary Jansa, a street tough prostitute who wants to start a new life and Jack Greenberg, a mentally ill transient who thinks he is the Second Coming of Jesus.



Director's biography: D.R. Garrett is a Portland based Poet and Filmmaker who focuses on telling rough and tumble stories of those living on the fringes of society. She strives to make films that take you into the minds of the characters through surreal imagery and narration. D.R.’s films have screened at the Portland Underground Film Festival and she is a published poet

D.R. Garrett USA-2013-24'23"

H264-MPEG 4 AVC-1280x720-Stereo