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The Fact…

The Fact she isn’t dead  

Scotland UK, 2013 | 6 min 50 sec | Independent, Psychologic, Surreal, Underground, Art  - Directed by Peter Hastie

Medium technique: videocollage

Resolution: 1920x1080   16:9

Format: H264

Producer: Striplight

Editor: Striplight

Original soundtrack/color/BW



“The earth, a brittle globe of glass,

Lies in the hollow of thy hand,

And through its heart of crystal pass,

Like shadows through a twilight land,

The spears of crimson-suited war,

The long white-crested waves of fight,

And all the deadly fires which are

The torches of the lords of Night.”


Biography: Peter Hastie is an artist filmmaker from Glasgow, Scotland, with an interest in all aspects of culture and the moving image.

Peter utilises digital images and sounds to inform analogue experiments, and analogue images and sounds to further inform digital experimentation.

Using materials drawn from any source, and a willingness to question contemporary notions of beauty, Peter seeks to capture and relate aspects of the human experience with no alternative means of expression, either through narrative cinema, conventional documentary or figurative art.

Peter is currently working on an audio-visual autobiography and a series of installations in and around Glasgow.


Previous Work/Achievements:

Car Lights Like Tears (2011) Experimental film featuring text from an anonymous blog.

The Writing On The Wall (2011) Expressionistic response to the London Riots of August, 2011.

Insomnia (2011) Experiment in impressionistic time manipulation. Screened at Sonica Sonic Art Festival, Glasgow (November, 2012).

Threads  (2010) Experimental film derived from video footage of an art installation. Music by Scott Walker. Exhibited at The Tramway, Glasgow (March, 2011), and The Art's Complex, Edinburgh (August, 2011).

Merboy (2009) Experiment with still images. Shortlisted at Babelgum Online Film Festival (April, 2010).

Sony Professional Extra.Ordinary Brief Competition Winner (January, 2012).

Peter HastieScotland-2013-6'50"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-1920x1080-Stereo