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TAO - 2012 - 11 mn

TAO is the love story of two people who will never meet. Each is choreographed on its own within a video layer, living on its own space and season. Yet their worlds overlay so that they will be forever together and forever apart, one with its environment. TAO thus explores superimposing in movement, image and sound.

"TAO" is an EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2011-2012, supported by The Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts. Center (EMPAC), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

Image (camera): Martín Barros, Atahualpa Rojas Bermúdez, Felipe González, Diego Poblete. Soundtrack : Martin Bosa. Colour : Rodrigo Silvestri 

Price $13.000no limited edition


• Full name : CAYETANA VIDAL

• Address : MENDOZA 1293 – 3B , BUENOS AIRES

• Country : ARGENTINA

• Telephone number : (5411) 4786-6588

• Email address : cayvidal@gmail.co





Cayetana VidalArgentina-2012-11'00"

H 264- MPEG 4 AVC-1920x1080-stereo