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Stephane Guenin & Daniel Jenny ‘(Little) Red Riding Hood’


Once upon a time there was a little girl, the most beautiful little girl anyone could imagine. She lived in a happy village surrounded by a lush, green forest. One day, while strolling through the woods to visit her sick grandmother, something happened. . . something you’ve never seen before.


Cast: Lena Marteens, Ambre Vanecloo, Yannick Derrien



Stephane Guenin: 1995: Le Cluedo (4 épisodes), 2000: Fer 5, 2001, Gun!, Janus, 2003: Le 7ème mensonge, 2007: Les cannois rendent hommage au 60e festival de Cannes, Les coulisses du Trophée Eric Bompard, 2009: Stigmatize, 2011: Le Trio Solstice, 2012: Mission: Apo11o, 2013: L'Engagement 1.0, 2015: (Little) Red Riding Hood, 2016: Killing Uncle Roman



After completing a Phd of Laws at Paris II Pantheon Assas, Stephane Guenin was in charge of the product placement in films like Goldeneye, Taxi, Taxi 2 or Ronin. He created his own production company in 1999, directed 3 feature films, 1 TV show and 7 short films which have been selected and awarded more than 100 times in the major international film festivals.



Stephane Guenin & Daniel Jenny '(Little) Red Riding Hood'USA/France, 2015 | 4'54'' | Short narrative

Resolution:1920x1080 Format:1:77 Sound: 5.1 & Dolby AC3

Credits: EuroPacific Films LLC, FMR Productions, Land Productions