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Slawomir Milewski ‘Ecstasy of St Agnes’

Two women, appearing to be identical twins slowly enter a blank white space. One of them speaks: Everything is
repeated. Everything is repetitive. This sets the scene for the poetic journey that is The Ecstasy of St Agnes.
Referencing the virgin martyr, Agnes of Rome, Polish lm-maker Slawomir Milewski gives
a contemporary twist to the concept of ecstasy. Through the repetition of simple acts and phrases, Milewski explores the complexities of human emotions – love, desire, loneliness. Attuned to nuances and quirky juxtapositions that others might overlook, he observes festival revelers gyrating to an unheard rhythm and follows a sartorially elegant gure cavorting in a eld.
So much more complex than a cut and paste of Milewski’s surrealist images, the lm develops into a conation of footage
displaying a myriad of contemporary cultural ecstasies. Predominantly black and white, it captures the feel of vintage
classic lms, but is then spliced with a ash of color. Vertical gures are tipped on their sides. A cube of thrusting limbs
emerges from a cloudy sky. Milewski breaks all the rules with the ease of a seasoned storyteller adept
at keeping his audience guessing.

Deftly weaving in the dreamlike audio, Milewski’s subtle humor permeates through to the nal scene.
JK Russ
O the Strip New Genres Festival Co-ordinator
Las Vegas, Nevada

Cast: Anna Maria Vogelgesang, Michael Constanti, Konrad Stefanski

Ecstasy of St Agnes (19’ 50‘’ 2010)
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Slawomir J Milewski, b.1979, Poland
University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland
Scholarship Universite Rennes 2, Rennes, France

Slawomir Milewski 'Ecstasy of St Agnes'Poland, 2010 | 19’50’’ | Category: Experimental, Art

Resolution: 16:9 - Format: mov HD - Sound: stereo

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