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SIREN (CLIMAXX) : 2013. Cape Town - Dir. Anton Kotze'

DURATION: 5 mins

Climaxx is an atmospheric, elemental short film about ecstasy - female ecstasy... waves upon waves of ocean beat upon an concrete stairway descending into the sea. a womans' echoing voice gradually rises above the ocean swells, rising in sexual euphoria as the organic flow encourages her sexual pleasures, on and on, rythmically driving her along to climax.

South African filmmaker Anton Kotze' was tutored by his filmmaker-photographer father from an early age. He has has worked for over twenty years in the feature film and television industry, mostly covering the arts and education.

He started his professional life as a newspaper crime reporter and photographer at the age of nineteen before leading a nomadic life around southern Africa for a number years, during which he was jailed for five months in an African dictator-state under suspicion of being a spy. 

Anton KotzeSouth Africa, 2013, 5'

worldwide Rights

DV Video dvcp, 720x576, stereo