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Marija Linciute

Born in 1985 in Vilnius (Lithuania), Maria Linciute lives and works in Grenoble in France. She graduated from the College of Art in Grenoble and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius.

After coming to settle in France, I became interested more and more to my country and its history. Distance and decrease quickly took me to work around the theme of memory, planning and personal experiences. This is how I started making movies from my videos and my photographs, images that are often based on the model of the family album, multiplying the images to scroll narration, between intimacy and / or autobiography.

In this video I tell about daily life during the Soviet Union through my childhood memories as well as the memories of others around me who lived the same experience. It is a tale about the eve of January 13, 1991, the day everything changed and led, little by little to the fall of the USSR...

AuthorMaria Linciute – Lithuania


Film year 2012Duration 20’11’’

LangageLithuanian language – french subtitles

Image/SoundImage DV Sound stereo Color § Black and white

Selling conditionslimited edition of 10

Price1000 €

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