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Azadeh Nilchiani

Born in Tehran in 1979. She began her studies in fine arts in 1999 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University, Department of sculpture.

She continued her studies in France at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, where she obtained her degree in Art Space, in 2007.

Meanwhile she studied music, the flute, the national music school of Orleans. She continued her studies in sound art and electroacoustic composition at the National School of Music Pantin where she received her diploma of music studies (DEM) in 2009. In 2010, she took a master 2 in Music and Media at the University Paris Est,
Marne Valley.

She has presented her work at the different events in France as in Europe and Iran Zurkhaneh is the name of the sacred place of gymnastics, sport and traditional old Varzeshi-e Bastani Iranians, close to the martial arts which is reserved for men.

Practiced for centuries, it is a ceremony moral and practices group at a rate of percussion, Zarb-e-zoorkhâneh, singing master Zurkhaneh, the Morshed, with fitness tools that are sometimes audible. Zoorkhaneh is a forum for dialogue between sound and image, inspired by the characteristics of this ancient sport with the concepts of
repetition and exchange of physical and moral forces between human being.

AuthorAzadeh Nilchiani – Iran


Film year 2010Duration 4’31’’

Image/SoundDV pal Sound stereo 16 bit - Black § white

Selling conditions20 limited issue

Price3000 €