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Franck Olivas

Franck Olivas used to be a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and worked in a private practice for twelve years. From now on, he is fully devoted to his Art. He started as an autodidact with traditional photography and associated poetry.

However his attraction for the new media quickly led him into a mix of photography, video, multimedia animation, dance and performing art. 

“Performing Forms” is a mix of photography and video of dance and performing Art made in the Contemporary Art Fair of Monaco last spring. He likes to place his partners in situations that he has paradoxically named the “figures libres imposées”, what refers to a mix of freestyles and imposed exercises”

AuthorFranck Olivas – France

TittlePerforming forms

Film year 2011Duration 30’14’’

Selling conditionslimited issue 300 –box: DVD + 15 photos

Price150 €