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Anton Kotze

South African filmmaker Anton Kotze' was tutored by his filmmaker-photographer father from an early age. He has has worked for over twenty years in the feature film and television industry, mostly covering the arts and education.

He started his professional life as a newspaper crime reporter and photographer at the age of nineteen before leading a nomadic life around southern Africa for a number years, during which he was jailed for five months in an African dictator-state under suspicion of being a spy. 

Beasts are born, caterpillars crawl. From within barbed island prison gates a man in a suit, never to be seen again, begins his journey through freedom. Ghost Apes, psychedelic Gods with double heads, survey the barbed wires and human chaos, cities and arteries of highways down below. Strange birds float into unknown, unfolding harbours. Money changes hands. Soft tourists float up rivers of darkness.

Jungle beasts roll nervously in their sleep, tormented by their inescapable future.

Masai chants drive old steam engines, praying and bells, whistles, drumming.. disembodied street preachers - outrageous and audacious, a Safari Obscura unlike any other before.- unknown.

AuthorAnton Kotze – South Africa

TittleSafari Obscura

Film year 2005 - 2010Duration 60’

Imagevideo pal – sound ambient – color + black § white

Selling conditionslimited issue 5 + 2 artist’s copies

Price12 000 €