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Author: Shahar Marcus - Israël

Tittle: Seeds

Film year: 2012

Duration 5’03’’

Synopsis: The video work "seeds" deals with mines that are still buried in the ground after the war was over. From a beautiful top-shot the camera follows three professional mine-removers. They move slowly in meditative movement in a no men’s land desert. They look for mines, find some and remove them. This act leaves a visible trail which the artist, dressed as a pioneer, follows, while sowing seeds, from a small bag (refers to Millet famous painting) on the same track the mines were removed from. The sowing as a healing gesture suggests a new hope to come.

Bio: Shahar Marcus (Israel 1971) is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video, performance and installations.

Marcus had exhibited in many exhibitions around the world including Tate modern in London, The Israel and the Tel Aviv museum in Israel, The Charlottenburg kunsthhalle in Copenhagen, The Moscow and Poznan Biennale The Moscow
museum of modern art and other venues in Germany France, Italy and Usa