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Scene Missing

Scene Missing

Japan, 2013 | 17 min 0 sec | Experimental, Narrative fiction, Alternative, Art, Film noir, Independent - Directed by Kohei Matsumura

Resolution: 16:9   Gelatin Silver Print

Format: HD


Producer: Kohei Matsumura

Screenwriter/Editor: Kohei Matsumura

Director of photography: Tomomi Takano

Music composer: Kohei Matsumura

Sound: Kohei Matsumura

Cast: Tomomi Takano, Asami Takano, Takuya Miyake

Synopsis: In the boundless summer afternoon, the deserted streets are like reflected the absence of lovers in the mirror. As if to recover the time she has lost, she follows lover's shadow and takes photos. Out of time, remembrances remain negative. The bereavement with the beloved person takes away not only the love itself but also its recollection. This film is about the photographer looking for an image of the love and the memory was lost.


Biography: 1980 Born in Osaka, Japan
2005 MA (Engineering and Design) Kyoto Institute of Technology

Kohei MatsumuraJapan-2013-17'00"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-1280x720-Stereo