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Two images of astral, hypnotic travel, the world behind the looking-glass in which development of the traveler on the ring gets absolutely other qualities. In search the one you always get something else. The unsharp image immerses in irreality, a dream, delirium out-of-focus, difficult to concentration of an event.


Alexander Isaenko was born in 1976 in Izmail, USSR.

Ukrainian artist who works with various media, including photography, video, text. Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.


2013 Best Exibition Project - PhotoVisa International Festival of

Photography, Krasnodar / Russia

2013 Videoformes. Clermot-Ferrand / France

2013 THE 01 Video Art Review by THE VIDEO COMMUNITY, Krakow

/ Poland

2013 THE 01 The International Video Art Review,Krakow, Poland


Alexander IsaenkoUkraine, Russia , 2011 | 10 min 11 sec

worldwide Rights

MPEG - 1/2 video, 1440x1080, stereo