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Richard Martin ‘South Lakewood North’


A personal landscape film of time and memory and a porch. A time-tunnel of moments and experiences.


Richard Martin (MFA 2013 UBC) is a media artist living in Vancouver Canada. His short film work has appeared in prestigious venues such as Berlin International Film Festival, Oberhausen, Rencontres (Paris), Toronto International, EXiS (Korea), Split (Croatia) and many more. He has also worked as a mainstream film and TV director and in that his work straddles conventional and experimental cinema, blending and upending convention with abstract intention and occasionally, personal trauma.



39th Big Muddy Film Festival - USA February2017

21st Split International Festival of New Film - Croatia  Sept2016

Sydney Underground Film Festival - Re: Cinema  Sept2016

Asolo Art Film Festival - Italy  Sept2016

P'Silo Festival Images Contre Nature - Marseille July2016

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival  June2016

MOVIATE Underground Film Festival 18 - Harrisburg Pa.  May2016

AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival (2016-05-19)  AWARD / 1st Prize

Les Rencontres Internationales Berlin (2016 - 03-18)

Les Rencontres Internationales Paris  (2016-01-14/17)


Richard Martin 'South Lakewood North'Canada 2016 9'29"

World Premiere AVIFF Art Film Festival Cannes May 21 2017