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Richard Martin ‘ABCAM’

A B C A M (or A & B Cam) presents a scene from a TV movie where the angles have been superimposed to explore cinematic conventions. It reveals the narrative, angles as well as the adjustments in performance to observe the process in its rawness and mesmerizing predictability.


Richard Martin (MFA 2013 UBC) is a media artist living in Vancouver Canada. His short film work has appeared in prestigious venues such as Berlin International Film Festival, Oberhausen, Rencontres (Paris), Toronto International, EXiS (Korea), Ann Arbor, Athens (Ohio), and many more. He has also worked as a mainstream film and TV director and in that his work straddles conventional and experimental cinema, blending and upending convention with abstract intention, playfulness and occasionally, personal trauma.

Richard Martin 'ABCAM'Canada 2015 7'54"

Experimental, Short· Film Language: English · Aspect Ratio: 16.9 · Film Color: Color · First-time Filmmaker: No