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Richard Bailey ‘One of the Rough’

Synopsis: One of the Rough is a poetic road movie that presents a driving dream of color, doubt, philosophy, and wonder. The title is from a line in Whitman's Song of Myself ("...an American, one of the roughs, a kosmos"). Like the persona in Whitman's poem, the driver marvels about America in a way that is dreamy, critical, and intense.


Filmography: An Errand of Hip and Chin, 2016; A Spiral Way, 2015; The Disappearance of the Grackles, 2014; The Mock Destruction of the World, 2014; A Well-proved Helpmate, 2013; Other Music, 2013; When the World Was Green, 2012; Tropic of Oz, 1996; Diogenes, 1994


Richard Bailey makes films with mythic emphasis, poetic language, and sharp humor. His films have shown at Alchemy Film & Moving Image, Anthology Film Archives, Berlin Experimental, Black Maria, Blow-Up, Dallas VideoFest, Proyector International, SENE, SXSW, and many other festivals. He has a film featured in Vol. 36 of the Journal of Short Film, a peer-reviewed journal in DVD form. His poems have appeared in several journals, including The Madison Review, Mudfish, Quiddity, and Whiskey Island Magazine.