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Rêve de Zarathurstra

Rêve de Zarathurstra

Netherlands , 2011 | 3 min 51 sec | Experimental, Art - Directed by Rudolf Romero

Title of artwork: Rêve de Zarathustra

Artist Full Name: Rudolf Edward Romero Borgart

Medium: Video

Resolution: 512 x 384

Format: mov

Publisher: Rudolf Borgart


A young Artist had a dream after reading “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Friedrich Nietzsche dreaming himself to be the Ubermensch, the Icon of individuality and creativity, with the ambition to change everything


After completing high school at the Gymnasium in Arnhem Rudolf Romero studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht. During this period he started a film production company and stopped studying. After four years of filmmaking he continued his education at the Artez Hogeschool voor de kunsten. He graduated the Fine Arts in 2012 with cum laude.


2003 Winner Poortersprize, documentary ‘Bridge to the future’ (NL)

2006 Selection Filmfestival Dordrecht short film ‘Wals in A-mineur’ (NL)

2006 Selection NPS ‘new arrivals’ short film ‘Wals in A-mineur’ (NL)

2010 Winner Photostudium Prize (GE)

2011 Winner Olifant prize for sculpture (NL)

2011 Selection ‘I’ve seen films’ festival,‘Can’t help falling in love' (IT)

2012 Selection Nederlands Film Festival Online, 'Rêve de Zarathustra' (NL)

2013 Startstipend Mondriaan fonds

2013 Shortlist Aanzetprize (NL)

Rudolf RomeroNetherlands-2011-3'51"

Worldwide RightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-512x384-Stereo