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‘Request’ Christy Walsh USA




Based on an essay by the philosopher J.M.E. McTaggart on the unreality of time. According to McTaggart, “Nothing is really past, present or future. Nothing is really earlier or later than anything else or temporally simultaneous with it. ...When we perceive anything in time ­ which is the only way… we do perceive things­ we are perceiving it more or less as it really is not.” (from The Nature of Existence)

In Request, choreography, video explorations of travel and things witnessed and experienced, the before and after combine into a “now” that understands the irony of expressing such an idea in time­based media...

_Christy Walsh Bio

Christy Walsh is a choreographer, photographer and video artist who works prolifically in all three genres. She danced professionally in her native Virginia, as well as completing her degree in film and video before founding stringdance+media in New York in 2001. She participated in the “Dance for Camera” residency at MASS Moca in 1999, and enjoyed choreographic residencies with NJ Peak Center for the Arts in 2003, Southwest Virginia Ballet in 2004-2005 and the City of San Antonio in 2006. Her performance-based work has been presented in the US and South Korea. Her videos have been shown in festivals and galleries in Europe, Asia and the US. Her photographs have been projected on walls in Madrid, and hung in galleries and museums in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Christy Walsh USA-2015-7'12"

H 264-MPEG 4 AVC-1280x720-stereo