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Sébastien Durante - France

Vidéo 6min12 – 2011

Misappropriation. Infiltration. If the artist Francis Alÿs is a follower of the discreet and poetic disturbances in the urban space, Sébastien Duranté extends the begun process. The pupil quotes master, by appropriation and ré-interpretation.

With Re-enactment, intervention realized in 2000, the purpose of the Belgian artist was to see how long he could hold in the streets of Mexico City with a weapon in hand, a political action on the border of the reality and the fiction. By viewing Re-re-enactment, we also wonder how long Sébastien Duranté, artist and usurper, is going to hold without being taken. Unasked, Duranté proclaims himself participating of the pre-existent work and creates a breach, a space of freedom in the cloisoné space of the center of art Wiels of Brussels Which welcomed in 2011 the retrospective of the contemporary walker Alÿs. Icing on the cake, a guard of the center of art asks to the apprentice hacker of the art to restw the murder weapon, this wooden «fake» joins his accomplices and takes part in the installation of Alÿs.

The one caused by the direct confrontation, to question the prosaic aspects of the surrounding town planning. Other one, by the discreet diversion, deceives the museum and the institution. Duranté escapes at the risk of taking itself too seriously and customs of an irony which Francis would doubtless appreciate.

Elise Girardot