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Raya Kim “Boundary of Melancholy”

Synopsis: Everything looks special with the light. With the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. Light have a power that change someone’s feeling, atmosphere of space, impression of things or sounds. That power is especially strong when sun is going down. At sunset, a magical time of light, everything looks beautiful, and melancholy. The color of the bridge is turn red and glowing in the setting sun, and then turn to blue. Every Scenery is extremely beautiful and warm just before sun is going down, and it becomes very cold and blue after sun is entirely go to beyond horizon. So, this short beautiful time to going to melancholy, is can be called boundary of melancholy.

Biography: 2013 Media Interaction Design, Ewha Womans University, Seoul.
2011 NewYork University, IMPACT summer course, NewYork.
(Interactive Multimedia Performing Arts Collaborative Technology)
DOT, 2011
Next Wave part.2, Samwon Paper Gallery, Seoul.
Ewha International Media Art Presentation, Seoul.
The 11th Seoul International NewMedia Festival, Seoul.
Boundary of Melancholy, 2012
2013 Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul

Boundary of Melancholy South Korea, 2012 | 5 min 32 sec | Experimental, Student, Art, Surreal - Directed by Raya Kim

Selling conditions : on demand

Medium technique: video Resolution: 1920x1080 2.35:1 Format: Mov H264 Producer: Raya Kim Screenwriter/Editor: Raya Kim Director of photography: Raya Kim Production designer: Raya Kim Music composer: Kane Ikin