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Plastic Surgery

Julian Burgos


"Plastic Surgery"

4 : 55 - Colour (2009)


« Plastic surgery » is a paralel dimension of the events that were taking place in my life. It is the invitation to share and visit a dense emotional moment. Perhaps we will meet in the whirlwind event.« Plastic Surgery » develops as a codified dream about division and bond. I was initially moved by the desire of keeping track of the development of a sculpture. Step by step, photo by photo. The project was to do a skull. At some point the unconcious took overe, and lead the process, as it happens while sleeping...


Julian Burgos was born in Pereira, Colombia. He lives and works in Paris. After spending his teenage years in the USA, he began his studies in fine arts in Montepllier (France) and continued in the Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna (talia). In his work he develops a multitude of beings emerging from the light. Covered by a commedia dell'arte mask, or a conventional mask, living a horror story. This work finds its support not only on paper or linen, or its medium on the pastel, the crayon, the "mine de plomb", the oil but also in mural painting in the use of clay or chewing gum. His work was exhibited in France, England, Colombia.

Julian BurgosColombia-2009-4'55"

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