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Piyush Srivastav ‘Minus Love ‘


A not-so-happy marriage reaches its climax when Yash & Payal decide on getting a divorce. Meanwhile, cupid plays his trick, but does he succeed?


Payal And Yash are not so happy in their marriage; living in the same house has become very difficult for them. They decide to get divorced and are about to go the court for the same. But their small fights and care for each other gets in their way on the day of divorce. Will they be able to leave each other?




Vikram Bakshi

Shonali Chowdhury




  • - A Suspect (2011)
  • - Last Day of my Life (2012)
  • - Blowing Money (2012)
  • - Fall (2013)
  • - Anti Piracy TVC (2013)
  • - Us & Them (2014)
  • - Minus Love (2015)
  • - Hide me, It’s at the Door (2015)
  • - Fastrackerzz TVC (2016)
  • - CityFlo TVC (2016)
  • - A Perfect Hunt (In Post Production)



Piyush is a character animator by profession, passionate about film-making, editing and writing. So far Piyush has directed & edited 8 short films & 3 TVC; most of his works have traveled to several film festivals across the country and overseas as well. At 17, he wrote a novel titled; 'My Worst but probably the Best Christmas' which was published in 2010. Out of his passion and love for short films; Piyush co-founded Short of the Month.


Piyush Srivastav 'Minus Love 'India, 2015 | 9 min | Short Narrative | Drama

Resolution: 1920 * 1080 - Format: Digital HD - Sound: Stereo

Credits: Directed & Edited by: Piyush Srivastav Written by: Piyush Srivastav Produced by: We Love Films Co Director of Photography - Idris Petiwala Sound Design - Salamat Ali Original Background Score - Salamat Ali