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Paulo A. Zumach ‘Kalil’


In the remote mountains of Afghanistan; Gulmir, a poor goat shepherd, is constantly approached by members of Al Qaeda who want to recruit his fourteen years old son. To save his family from that misery environment; Ibrahim, Gulmir's old friend, introduces him the underworld of organs traffic.


Alexandre Ferreira

Ana Mafalda

Davood Hosein Pour

Abbas Abdolalipour

Mario Ali Mermazia

Miguel Maia

Santiago Parente

Catia Monteiro de Brito



Hugo Folgado


Paulo Alceu Zumach was born in São Gabriel da Palha, Espírito Santo, Brazil, 1982, His paternal and maternal great-great-grandparents emigrated from Hamburg, German in 1887.

He began making short films in adolescence, using a VHS camera from one of his neighbours, at that time he also created a 30 minutes' cartoon called "The adventures of Cricket and Hallysom ." based on real stories of two childhood friends. After that He was invited to work as News editor on a cable TV channel, where he remained for about 10 months. In 2004 he decided to go to USA to study cinema, but unfortunately he had his visa refused. A year after he took an airplane to Mexico and crossed the border illegally following the Mexicans, and He got captured and deported back to Brazil. Forbidden to enter in the USA for 5 years, he decides to go to Portugal / Europe, where he graduated in Sciences of Communication. Paulo A. Zumach also studied theatre, and made several short films during this time.










Paulo A. Zumach 'Kalil'Portugal, 2014 | 12:45 | Short - narrative…)

Resolution:Full HD……. Format: 16x9…. Sound: Stereo

Credits:………… Producers Isabel Pina P. A. Zumach Writer/Director P.A. Zumach Director of Photographer Hugo Folgado Art Director Ana Alves Sound/Music Ze Pedro Alfaiate Still Photographer Pedro Solipa Wardrobe Sao Monteiro Editor P. A. Zumach Production Assistants Joao de Brito Telmo Ramalho Reza Hajipour Hair/Make up Ines Pereira Catia M. de Brito