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Paula Fabiana ‘Manifesto’


This documentary narrates through Brazilian protests since 2013, the polarization and ideological
fight between left and right. Revealing in the chronological narrative, the protests occurred in June, where
initially people went to streets to protest about the rise of public transportation, moving to a protest against
the federal government. Here people raised the flag against corruption, where the workers party was the
most accused one. Incentivated by brazilian media, that in the whole process shows their political position
against the govern, mainly about impeachment, when Dilma Rousseff was taken away from presidency.
The coup, occurred in Brazil this year of 2016. Following dismantling scenes, this documentary was whole
filmed with the camera in hand, giving an intimist vision about the political crisis occurring in Brazil, also
using videos shared in social medias to give a whole vision about the brazilian congress and all that
occurred until the end of the process with Dilma leaving the power.

Bio: Intolerancia – 7min – 2002 = Cana Amarga 13min 2003 Desencontro – 5min – 2005 – Fragmentos de la guerra – 11 min – 2008
The curse cges (essa maldita vontade de ser passaro) 2012 – 83min – fiction – drama

Paula Fabiana 'MANIFESTO' Manifest Film - Coup StateBrazil 2016 78'

Image/Sound: HD Syereo