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Paul Vernon & Julie Schmidt Andreasen ‘The Body Canvas’

How can artists can be integrated within a performance despite the medium in
which they are working? A painter, drawer, filmmaker and dancers move
through a series of structured meetings throughout London, developing
communication and expression. This film is a culmination of months of
laboratories mixing dance on screen with documentary, featuring performers
from the London Contemporary Dance School and fine artists.

Transverse (2016) dance / short film
Videos for Artists #1 - #5 (2013-2015) web series / short documentary
Lost In The Nameless City (2015) experimental / short documentary
Branches & Bones (2014) dance / short documentary
Festival (2014) promotional documentary
The Body Canvas (2013) dance / short documentary
MARS-II (2012) science fiction / short film
A Film By Abigail (2012) short documentary
The Ice Cream Men (2010) mockumentary / medium-length film

Paul Vernon - Internationally selected and award nominated British filmmaker;
a director of documentary, experimental, fiction and dance films. Work
broadcast on BBC and globally on Berlin based arts channel ikonoTV.
Screening highlights include the LACMA, ICA, BAFTA, Zealous X exhibition
and San Diego Comic-Con. As well as cities such as Toronto, New York and
Cape Town. Educated with a BA (Hons) and MA (with Merit) in directing from
The Northern Film School (Leeds, UK).
Julie Schmidt Andreasen - Danish choreographer, performer and
educator. Her interest in cross-art has led to collaborations involving film,
paint, dance, photography and music. Educated from Copenhagen
Contemporary Dance School and has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours
from London Contemporary Dance School. She teaches dance regularly
at Gunslevholm Idrætsefterskole, Denmark and Paintformance at Morley
College, London. Her choreographies have been performed in UK,
Denmark and Sweden. She regularly works with filmmaker Paul Vernon.
Their film The Body Canvas was screened at Zealous X, London and
broadcast globally on ikonoTV.

Paul Vernon & Julie Schmidt Andreasen 'The Body Canvas'UK, 2013 | 20 minutes | Dance, Art, Documentary

Resolution: 1080p HD - Format: Quicktime H.264 / Video File - Sound: Stereo

Credits: CO-DIRECTORS Paul Vernon Julie Schmidt Andreasen PAINTER Anna Jung-Seo DRAWER John Close PERFORMERS Anders Duckworth / Florencia Martina / Francesco Ferrari Julie Schmidt Andreasen / Patricia Zafra PRODUCED & CHOREOGRAPHED Julie Schmidt Andreasen CINEMATOGRAPHY, CAMERA & EDITING Paul Vernon MUSIC 'Airways' by Ehud Freedman / 'Points of Contact' by Chris Lewis PRODUCTION HELPER, PHOTOGRAPHY & 2nd CAMERA Justinas Brikys END CREDITS PHOTOGRAPHY Paul Vernon / Justinas Brikys SPECIAL THANKS Jamie McCarthy / Gabriela Tropia / Johnchul Kwon London Contemporary Dance School / The Place The Hill Garden & Pergola (Hampstead, London