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PAESAGGIO IN 9 STROKES (dedicated to Cy Twombly); 14'04''; 2015

Concept,camera,edit,directed by: Janja Rakuš

Meditative »green paintings« Untitled (A Painting in Nine Parts) was first shown in 1988 in the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. It was created specifically for its Venetian setting, both in the watery imagery and the use of elaborately shaped canvases. Made in quick-drying and fluid acrylic paint, which flood the wooden panels on which it is applied and smeared by Twombly’s hands and fingers, these paintings are some of the most spontaneous of his career. Few of them are given Italian title Paesaggio, connecting them with landscape genre with broad horizontal brushstrokes on which, painted by hand, form a perspective in the absence of a horizon.

Video PAESAGGIO IN 9 STROKES (dedicated to Cy Twombly) is reminiscence of that paintings. Wind, rain, camera, sequences and pixels instead of canvas, acrylic,brush and hands.

Janja RakušNetherlands-2015-14'04"

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