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Over the top

OVER THE TOP Video – 1,20 min – 2010

Sebastien Durante - France

In the video Over the Top, I provoke an arm-wrestling with the artist Eric Duyckaerts on the piece of Nicolas Kozerawski Support of discussions, in the center of Art de la Villa Arson during the varnishing of the exhibition SNAG the shape of the ideas.

It is not about a performance, but rather about a wild intervention, on this Nicolas Koserawski’s base which incites the spectators to lean, as they would make him it for a counter of bar and become actors in the exhibition.

I took advantage of this piece to propose a challenge with the Belgian performeur; being afraid of playing on his   ground I preferred to invite him   in a physical confrontation rather than intellectual.

This action sends back to my current concern which is to confront me in the middle artistic and his actors; sometimes counterfeiter, sometimes to hacker.

The Top title Over the refers to the movie in which Sylvester Stallone champion of arm-wrestling is put in the challenge to reconquer at the same time his champion’s place and the love of his son.

The oedipian conflict is in the heart of my action with Duyckaerts.