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ouvre les yeux

Author Pascale Lafay - France

Tittle ouvre les yeux

Film year 2008 Duration 12’03’’

Image/Sound French speaking-english subtitles Image HD Sound stereo Color


Pascale Lafay was born in Lyon, where she graduated from Beaux-Arts, after which she moved to Paris and became the assistant of Christian Boltanski and Annette Messager. She works mainly in photography and has been exhibiting since 1989. In 2001 she was a winner of the program Villa Medicis “Hors les Murs” and spent three months in Rome.

A fixed plane, normal people and a gun

Pascale LafayFrance-2008-12'03"

Worldwide rightsH264 MPEG 4 AVC-1024x576-Stereo