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Orit Ben-Shitrit ‘Ward Of The Feral Horses’


Set in a 19th century horse stable, WARD OF THE FERAL HORSES unfolds a copywriter's schizophrenic upheaval.
The film addresses Cognitive Capitalism—employing semiotics to produce anxious digital social-capital. The writer begins to practice THE
REGIME OF CONSONANTS—a lipogram omitting the letter E then I and A. Confused and failing to communicate, his mind cracks and he begins
to hear voices. The ultimate break unleashes an emancipatory carnivalesque dance troupe, or Jinn, who emerge from his room’s furnishings.
The action in the film is propelled by quotes from Gertrude Stein. Recited almost 100 years later, the quotes are surprisingly timely and hint at
repetition: our cyclical failing

Working with video, photography, performance and choreography, Orit Ben-Shitrit utilizes movement and bodies to implicate the powers that be,
their mechanisms of domination and the potential for violence. Born and raised in Israel, Orit is based in New York, where she was recently
awarded a NYFA fellowship in Film/Video. Ben-Shitrit has exhibited at MACRO museum, Rome; Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam; El Museo
Cultural de Santa Fe; The Biennial of Moving Image (BIM) at Museum MUNTREF, Buenos Aires; The Herzliya and Haifa Museums of Art; as well
as in Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Russia, the US and China. Ms. Ben-Shitrit graduated with an MFA in studio art from Hunter college in 2010.
She teaches video in the Photography department of The New School / Parsons and the Film and Media department at FIT.

Orit Ben-Shitrit 'Ward Of The Feral Horses'Israël/USA Film year : 2013-2015 Duration : 19’:24”

Image/Sound: Written and directed by Orit Ben-Shitrit. ; DP: Chapin Hall; Music/Sound: In collaboration with Timothy Korn and Skip La Plante