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Olessia Stroeva ‘Sweet Dreams’ (Sogni d’oro)

Synopsis: Take a step and the road appears by itself (Steve Jobs). This story is about an Albanian teenager grown up in a little medieval town in the south of Italy practically without seeing his parents. His mother constantly is away for work in Rimini, his father lives in Albania. He has got neither friends nor a girl. This story is about the solitude of a boy living in the world of his dreams, involved in the inner dialogue with his timidity and diffidence, surrounded by the magical realm of Romanesque architecture at the seashore. Once in his dream he speaks to a little girl and decides to change his life.


Cast: Ingert Rodi, Lada Stroeva, Antonio Valente


Filmography: video-art “Valley of Search”, “We are thrown”, “Spirit of Time” (Diplomas of Independent Internet Short Film Festival 2012-2016).


Biography: Artist, director, philosopher. Member of International Association of Artists in Russia. Degree of PhD, thesis on aesthetics (philosophy of visual arts). Full professor at the department of culture in Humanities Institute of TV and Radio in Moscow (gitr.ru). Winner of international contests of contemporary art and video-art in Russia and Europe (Luxembourg, Portugal, Malta). Participant of international exhibitions of visual arts in Europe and film festivals.