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Olessia Stroeva ‘Spirit of Time’

Synopsis: artistic visualization of the idea of Time. The protagonist is the hourglass that is travelling in Russia, Greece and Italy witnessing change of seasons throughout one year circle.


Filmography: art documentary “Sweet Dreams”, video art “Valley of Search”, “We are thrown”, “Spirit of Time” (Diplomas of Independent Internet Short Film Festival 2012-2016).


Biography: Artist, director, philosopher. Member of International Association of Artists in Russia. Degree of PhD, thesis on aesthetics (philosophy of visual arts). Full professor at the department of culture in Humanities Institute of TV and Radio in Moscow (gitr.ru). Winner of international contests of contemporary art and video-art in Russia and Europe (Luxembourg, Portugal, Malta). Participant of international exhibitions of visual arts in Europe and film festivals.

Olessia Stroeva 'Spirit of Time'Russia, 2011, 8.40 min, video art

Resolution: HD Format: 16:9 Sound: 48000 Hz, 16-bit

Credits: animation, directing, editing - Olessia Stroeva, music by G. Gershwin “Summer Time”.