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Oleg Maslov ‘Friday’

Synopsis: This is a documentary film about the old women who go to dance in the park. They come here every Friday. They forget about old age, sickness and loneliness here. They returne to the youth. They win time. Dance - is the best there is in their lives now.


Cast: Claudia Ivanova, Alexandra Shepilova, Rashid Latypov, Nina Taranova, Dmitry Mavrodiev, Anton Taranov



Oleg Maslov - an independent director. He lives in Orenburg (Russia). He makes a zero-budget films. In 2012 he graduated film school in Moscow. He makes very low-budget films.


"Buzzing" (2012) - student short film, "2 streets" (2014) - short documentary film; "Electricity" (2014) - short fiction film, "Island of cicadas" (2014) - feature film; "Friday" (2014) - documentary short film, "The Cranks" (post-production) - documentary film.


Oleg Maslov 'Friday'Russian Federation, 2014 / 15 min 10 sec / Documentary

Resolution: 1920x1080 - Format: 16:9.- Sound: Stereo

Credits: Screenplay by Vera Arngold, director Oleg Maslov, camera Oleg Maslov, Alexey Galektinov, Vladimir Sokolov, editor Oleg Maslov