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Oleg Maslov ‘2Streets’


Two streets – two worlds.



Oleg Maslov - an independent director. He lives in Orenburg (Russia). He makes a zero-budget films. In 2012 he graduated film school in Moscow. He makes very low-budget films.


"Buzzing" (2012) - student short film, "2 streets" (2014) - short documentary film; "Electricity" (2014) - short fiction film, "Island of cicadas" (2014) - feature film; "Friday" (2014) - documentary short film, "The Cranks" (post-production) - documentary film.

Oleg Maslov '2Streets'Russian Federation, 2014 / 4 min 24 sec / Experimental, Documentary

Resolution: 1920x1080 - Format: 16:9. - Sound: Stereo

Credits: Idea by Vera Arngold, director Oleg Maslov, camera Alexey Galektinov, editor Oleg Maslov, sound Ekaterina Skoropad