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Nathan Baldassero ‘Theta Vekja’

A young woman's longing hope for freedom as she struggles to cope with her grim reality.

Special Thanks:
Sigur Ros
Brittany Salter


Nathan Baldassero is an award winning Filmmaker, based in Toronto, and a graduate of the Media Arts program at Sheridan College.

At age twelve, Nathan began shooting videos with his Uncle's Camcorder and soon started experimenting with a variety of storytelling techniques, ranging from Live Action Dramas to Stop/Motion Animation. Being a self-taught filmmaker, he quickly became the Director, Videographer, Editor, and Visual Effects Artist/Compositor for all of his early video projects.

His first short film, "All That You Loved", was an Official Selection at the "Montreal World Film Festival", the "Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival", received the Award of Excellence in the "Accolade Global Film Competition", and won Best Short Short at the "Toronto Indie Film Festival".

"Onus", earned him a Best Director nomination at the Sheridan Media Arts Awards and was an Official Selection at the "Hamilton Film Festival 2014" and the "Starlite Film Festival 2015". While his most recent project, an Experimental Film/Music Video titled, "Theta Vekja", was an Official Selection at the 'Windsor Film Festival", and the "Indie Fest USA 2015"

He has mentored under many respected talents such as award winning Director, Michael Kennedy (Little Mosque on the Prairie), Producer/Director Ian Thompson (Drawn Soldiers, The Boor), and award winning Sound Designer, Stephen Barden (Resident Evil: Afterlife, Requiem For A Dream) to name a few.

Nathan's incredible passion for filmmaking, and the world of storytelling in general, keep him constantly on the lookout for the next exciting project that inspires him.

  • Screenings / Awards

Indie Fest USA International Film Festival 2015

Orange County, California
October 18, 2015

Windsor Film Festival 2013

Detroit, Windsor
North American Premiere

Nathan Baldassero 'Theta Vekja'Canada - 2013 - 6'36"

· Shooting Format: Digital DSLR h.264 1080p · Film Color: Color

· Nathan Baldassero Director · Nathan Baldassero Writer · Nathan Baldassero Producer · Brittany Salter Key Cast · Sigur Ros Music · Nathan Baldassero Director of Photography · Nathan Baldassero Editor/VFX