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Monet Clark ‘Bunny Girl’

Synopsis: Driven by the crises state of our biosphere due to climate change, a Playboy Bunny/animal of the same name traverses sweeping landscapes layered with found footage of global events. With nature as her go-star, she points towards our dystopian present. Using wry humour, BUNNY GIRL ties environmental destruction to the suppression of the feminine, which is blossoming nonetheless in the face of attack and further, primed to save the world.


Bio: Monet Clark is a performance/video artist from California, with a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her works are raw, yet refined, wickedly humorous, political, feminist and semi-autobiographical. She depicts women in media and subculture, exploring sexual stereotypes, dichotomy, ritual and transmutation. Exhibitions include SFMOMA, WP8 Germany, The Kitchen, NYC, Rapid Pulse, Chicago, a solo show at Krowswork Gallery, Oakland and more. She recently completed a 3 women residency at Krowswork where she finished and debuted BUNNY GIRL, which since has shown internationally at Film and Media Art Festivals in Greece, Romania, Italy, Mexico, Tasmania and Venice, CA. Clark is currently working on two performance/video ritual pieces. One is an 11 screen, collaboration with video art pioneer John Sanborn, called NOW, to be debuted at San Francisco Camera Works in February of 2018. NOW will humorously addressing fatalism with Clark playing two opposing characters with a common goal of facilitating transmutation for the audience. The second piece involves 3 largely projected female characters commonly shunned in feminist discourse and critical theory. These point to the patriarchal influence, racism and misogyny within these discourses and in culture at large. Like NOW, this piece will involve a nexus between ritual and technology.


Monet Clark 'Bunny Girl'USA Film year: 2016 Duration: 28 min 50 sec

Written, Directed & Performed by: Monet Clark Director of Photography with tripod: Monet Clark Camera Assistant and handheld shots: Jared Johnson Editing: Monet Clark and Jared Johnson Visual Effects Editing: Jared Johnson Sound: Jared Johnson