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Monet Clark ‘Bunny Girl’

Synopsis: Driven by the crises state of our biosphere and social unrest, a Playboy Bunny/animal of the same name traverses sweeping landscapes, layered with found footage of global events. With nature as her co-star, she points to our dystopian present. Using wry humor, Bunny Girl ties environmental degradation to the suppression of the feminine, blossoming nonetheless in the face of attack.

Bio:  Monet Clark is a performance/video artist from California. Her characters are drawn from the media, the fashion world, history, pop culture and counter cultures. She explores sexual stereotypes, dichotomy, ritual and transmutation. Her performances are raw, yet sophisticated, wickedly humorous, political, feminist and semi-auto-biographical. Clark also works in the mediums of photography, live performances and more. She received her BFA from SFAI in 1993. Her exhibitions include a solo show at Krowswork Gallery, Oakland, USA; screenings for SFMOMA, USA; Pacific Film Archive, San Francisco, USA; WP8 Dusseldorf, DE; The Kitchen, NYC, USA; RETHink DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL, Rethymnon, GR; Rapid Pulse, International Performance Art Festival, Chicago, USA; and more. Her latest performance/video movie BUNNY GIRL ties the connection between the degradation of our environment and the suppression of the feminine, and has shown at film festivals internationally. She is currently working on a 10 screen performance/video ritual installation called NOW for SF Camerawork in San Francisco with media art pioneer John Sanborn, debuting in February, 2018, as well as a performance/video series, Volva Saga, drawing on female archetypes from the pre-Buddhist Himalayan culture of the Bon and from European pagan cultures. Both works explore internalized misogamy as well as the nexus between technology, nature and humanity, and the emergence of a global mysticism and mythology.


Monet Clark 'Bunny Girl'USA 2016 28'50"

Image/Sound: Image: Monet Clark Sound: Jared Johnson