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Mohamed Hammad ‘Ahwet Afflatus’


The story follows an artist in the form of a stick figure struggling to find his own image and style in the world of animation, and to gain inspiration he visits a coffee shop where ideas are gathered for entertainment. The film is an insight in expressing the Egyptian culture, and distinguishing the animated styles of different cultures.


Filmography: The Ugly Wife (2014), Ahwet Afflatus (2015)



Mohamed Borhan Hammad is a full time Media Design instructor at the faculty of applied arts of the German university in Cairo (GUC) and a part time freelance animator. He was born in Giza, Egypt in 1988. After times spent with Lego building, his childhood television adventures, his interest in Anime, comic collections and frequent drawing, he developed a variety of artistic talents such as acting, writing, drawing, producing and animating. He is a graduate of applied arts at the GUC, with a degree of Master of Arts in Animation at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham UK; as he has recently worked as a graphic designer at Channel 25.

Mohamed Hammad 'Ahwet Afflatus'United Kingdom, 2015 | 04:26 | Animation, Experimental Art

Resolution: H.264 Format: MOV Sound: Stereo

Credits: Mohamed Hammad (Director, Animator, Sound Designer) Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Musical Scores)