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Michèle Laverdac “Donne a Dieu Duras”

Synopsis: 2014, one century passed since the writer Marguerite Duras was born.
This orphic tale is a poem from beyond the grave, full of light and mysteries, created by the artist around 17 paintings painted by herself.

Biography: Michèle Beufé-Dufrèsne  called LAVERDAC
Born in 1947, Michèle LAVERDAC lives and works in Paris.
Since her childhood, she refuses to learn at school and expresses herself through two languages, both silent: dance and painting. Self-taught, she learns all the different graphical arts techniques: engraving, pastel, charcoal, watercolour, painting, as well as photo and video.
From 1965 to 1975, under the name of Beufé, she illustrates and publishes about 20 children books and magazines. At the same time, she exhibits her work, engravings and paintings.
Since her son’s birth, Aurélien Moryusef, at the end of the 70s, she dedicates herself exclusively to painting, participates in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, and is featured in private and public collections worldwide.

The source of her work is the TAO of physics. Since her early years, she only reads books about philosophy, spirituality or quantum physics. Though she doesn’t understand the “mathematical data” of quantum physics, she sees in it the most interesting poetical and metaphysical subjects. She sets the foundation of her work and research on it. She dedicates herself to what she calls “the empty centre of the atom”.
LIGHT is her vehicle.

Exhibits at numerous galleries in France and in foreign countries.
Donne à Dieu Duras”
Here, the painting is a mathematical visual book by means of Allegri’s music,and by the black-light silence of the SOURCE PAINTING the painting “TALES” itself
Marguerite Duras wrote, about the exhibition “Continuous/Discontinuous” (Galerie Van Melle, 1992, Paris):
“The painting being done…”
M. L. adds: “or undone… in front of the watcher? and “I think that the painter’s MIND “physicalizes” itself into the canvas to become again MATTER of RE thinking”

1983 : "Paris 83", Galerie Isy Bracho
1984 :- "Le temps du regard", Paris
- "Reflets dans un œil d’or", Alizés - Isy Bracho, collectif, Paris
1985 :- "Le Cube", Alizés (Min. des Rel. Ext.)
- Institut Franco-Japonais, Tokyo
- Galerie Takagi "Number One", Nagoya
- Galerie ABC, Osaka
- Musée de Kitakyu Shu, Japon
- Musée de Fukuoda, Japon
1987 :- "Destructions créatrices", CRIC
- Institut Français de Cologne
1988 :- Salon de Montrouge - "L’estampe d’aujourd’hui", collectif, B.N.
1989 :- "Esprit/Matière", Gal. Van Melle, Paris
1990 :- Collectif, Gal. Claude Samuel, Paris
- Manifestation d’Art Contemporain, Grand
Palais, Paris
1991 :- "Découverte", Galerie Van Melle, Grand Palais, Paris
- "Continu/Discontinu", Galerie Van Melle
1992 :- Galerie Lapleau-Laffont, Toulouse
- Galerie Van Melle, collectif
1993 :- Fondation Colas, collectif, Paris
- Galerie Lapleau-Laffont, Toulouse
- "Entretien avec Marguerite Duras", Vidéo  de Jean Mascolo
1994 :- Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris
- "Des images pour la Paix", Musée de La Villette, Paris
1995 :- Galerie Satellite, collectif, Paris
- Galerie Arlette Gimarey, collectif, Paris
- "Les bannières de la paix", Manifestation Internationale (Onu, Unesco)
1996 :- S.N.A.P., Ecole des Beaux-Arts
- Décors de "Lise L’Ile", de J. Probst
1997 :- Galerie Citizen, Tokyo, Japon
- Halonen Fine Art Gallery, Minéapolis, USA
1998:- Décors “Un été invincible” d’A. Camus
- Décors "Un homme est venu me voir" de M. Duras

“Donne à Dieu Duras” France, 2014 | 17 min | Independent, Poesy, Aesthetic, Art - Directed by Michèle Laverdac

Selling conditions : Box collector 1/7 – 7000€ + A double-sided poster / numbered / signed / dedicated / + BOOKLET / Foreword by: JOËLLE PAGÉS Pindon (LA PLÉIADE 2014 / Marguerite Duras) + 4 original pictures Numbered / signed

Film DDD / 17 '44s / 44 pictures Medium: video Format: HD h264, 1920x1080 Flux: 18, 23 Mbit/s 2,43 Go Images / Sec: 24 ips ( 44 images/17 mn 44 sec ) Music: MISERERE, DE ALLEGRI (ÉDITIONS DECCA)