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Michael Lyons ‘Soft Pong Inari’

A visual experiment in crowd-sourcing, Soft Pong Inari was made
using pre-existing photographs of Fushimi Inari Shrine, available for
modified re-use in the creative commons. The work explores how a
multi-subjective viewpoint can express a sense of place and

see: http://www.michaellyons.xyz/filmworks/

Michael Lyons (Canada/U.K.) is a researcher and artist based in
Kyoto, Japan. He is currently Professor of Image Arts and Sciences
at Ritsumeikan University.

Michael Lyons 'Soft Pong Inari'Japan, 2014 | 2m | Video Art

Resolution: 1080p - Format:mp4 - Sound:Stereo

Music by Palle Dahlstedt (used with permission)