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Men Without Shadows

The title of this short film is borrowed from a play by Jean Paul Sartre, while the story is loosely based on a short story by MC Botha, but the similarity ends just there. Franklin Blunt (Robert Colman) leads a boring, humdrum life with his equally bored wife, Susan (Terri Norton). One day a homeless man, Antonie (Bafana Keswa) arrives at his door and sets off a chain of events that will change Frank's life forever. That night, in a dream, Frank goes in search of the tramp. Upon awakening he discovers that his dream is still taking place all around him. Eventually he leaves his comfortable suburban home and joins the 'men without shadows' who live in the parks and cemeteries of the city.

Anton KotzeSouth Africa, 1989, 24'40"

worldwide Rights

DV VIDEO dvcp, 720x576, stereo