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Martin Vallejos Bossen ‘The Wild Man’

Manuel is a widower that has 9 year old son. He works in a ranch as a peon and
after work he and his friends practice auto-strangulation, a strange way to fell
pleasure thats going to change his life forever.
Sebastian Cornejo - Father
Thomas Vasquez - son
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The wild man 2014
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Leon’ s Childhood 2016
Martin Vallejos was born in Chile in 1991 and since he was a little kid that he
wanted to be a film director, he grew up in a farm with out electricity
(Television) so he had a lot of time to use his imagination.
He went to study
filmmaking in the University in Chile, there he shot four short films, but then
they expel him because he didn't have money. So in Chile no money means no
university. After that he bought a ticket to Europe and he went to Holland for 5
months and then he went to London because he got accepted in the MET film
school which cost 22.000 euros a year, he study there for three months and then
he quit because after all this journey he realize that you don't need to spend all
that money to know that you already know how to make a movie.

Martin Vallejos Bossen 'The Wild Man'Chile, 2013 | 9 minutes | Shortfilm

Resolution: 720p vs 1080p Format: Quicktime Sound: Stereo

Credits: ! Directed by Martin Vallejos Written by Martin Vallejos Edited by Martin Vallejos Produced by Martin Vallejos Sound by Juan Pablo Lubbert Music by Juan Pablo Lubbert Art by Annia Vargas Photography by Javiera Bernaldo Camera by Matias Villa