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Marko Žunić ‘Bright Future My Love’

'A man sits in his rundown apartment and watches a movie. After he has eaten his fill, he leaves. Through a seemingly never-ending corridor, past houses which are reminiscent of war photography. He boards a train. Keeps on straying by foot through a dark, dystopian world. Does he even have a destination? Eventually, he meets a woman. The eponymous Bright Future is nowhere to be seen, but maybe something like love?


Marko Žunić (1987) was born in Belgrade. He graduated in Information Engineering. Since 2012 he has been working as a database developer and recently he started making movies out of hobby. He enrolled in a movie directing workshop at the DKSG Academic film center where he made his last film: “Bright Future my Love (2014)”. Year before, he made his first short-film called “Four colors of green”

  • Screenings / Awards

Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film (2014)

Belgrade, Serbia
November 27, 2014
Award for Photography and Design

Alternative Film/Video Festival (2014)

Belgrade, Serbia
December 14, 2014

Pune Short Film Festival (2014)

Pune, India
December 24, 2014

Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (2015)

March 27, 2015

Cinema City (2015)

Novi Sad
July 3, 2015

Let`s Cee

October 8, 2015
Special Mention

Twin Peaks UK Festival

United Kingdom

Macabre Faire Film Festival

New York
United States

Experimental Film Festival Unforeseen

Jury Special Mention

Marko Žunić 'Bright Future My Love'Serbia 2015 - 29'51"

· Film Language: English · Shooting Format: Digital, dlsr · Aspect Ratio: 16:9 · Film Color: Black & White and Color

· Marko Žunić Director · Marko Žunić Writer · Marko Žunić Producer · Academic Film Center-DKSG Producer · Vladimir Uspenski Sound