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Mark Tholander ‘####’


#### was made in collaboration between contemporary artist Mark Tholander (1988 -), and former film producerSam Lomberg (1920–2014). They mad  this video as a reflection on how the world has changed into a hybrid reality where the space between the physical and the virtual is fluid.


Cast: Sam Lomberg (voice)



#### (2013)

Simulacrum (2014)

Emergence of the Constant (2014)

O (2014)

(( ( (()) ) )) (2014)



Mark Tholander is a contemporary artist who works and lives in Denmark. During the last couple of years, his works has centered around reflections upon epistemology, using new media and installation methods. His video art has especially address how the presence of the digital has affected our present condition, constantly deconstructing the media itself in the process. He has previously shown his videos at FOKUS Video Art Festival in Copenhagen, CURRENTS New Media Festival in New Mexico, and FILE Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo.

Mark Tholander '####'Denmark, 2013 | 03:55 min | Art

Resolution: 1280x720 Format: 16:9 Sound: Mono

Sound, visuals and script: Mark Tholander Narration (voice): Sam Lomberg