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Mark Tholander ‘Simulacrum’


A figure, both present and non-present, wandering through the simulacrum.


Cast: Mark Tholander



#### (2013)

Simulacrum (2014)

Emergence of the Constant (2014)

O (2014)

(( ( (()) ) )) (2014)



Mark Tholander is a contemporary artist who works and lives in Denmark. During the last couple of years, his works has centered around reflections upon epistemology, using new media and installation methods. His video art has especially address how the presence of the digital has affected our present condition, constantly deconstructing the media itself in

Mark Tholander 'Simulacrum'Denmark, 2014 | 04:00 min | Art

Resolution: 1280x720 Format: 16:9 Sound: Mono

Sound and visuals by Mark Tholander