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Maria Tarantino ‘Our City’

This is Brussels, the capital of Europe, a city of concrete cages wrapped in glass, planned by businessmen
and politicians, set in motion by construction workers, and animated by office people. But there, in the narrow
spaces just beyond the reach of bureaucracy, lies the Brussels that still breathes. You can hear its
multicultural heart beating and see the traces of all the other cities, the ones each person carries within
him/herself. All of us together add up to create the complex body and dissonant identity of Our City.

Maria Tarantino (born in Milan in 1972) studied philosophy in Scotland and Italy before settling down in
Belgium, where she began working as a journalist for press, radio and television. In 2009 she directed her first
documentary film,”Inside Out”, an analysis of power relations inside an Italian prison where a group of inmates
create a theatre performance. The film was shown at the London Independent Film Festival, it toured prisons
in Belgium and Italy and a television version was broadcast on BBC World.
The following year she travelled to Burundi to make “Kubita” (2011), a self-funded and self-shot documentary
about torture in Burundi's prisons. The film was shown at the festivals of Docville, Parnu, Bujumbura and was
broadcast on TV5. In the same year she set up the production house WILDUNDOMESTICATED in Brussels,
which produced a medium-length film about the Brussels opera house and a series of short films about
Chartres before getting into the long adventure of Our City.

Maria Tarantino 'Our City'Belgium 2014 83'00"

DocumentaryRecording format HD Projection Format DCP Screen Format 16/9 Colour Color Sound Stereo

Screenplay Klaas Boelen Photography Director Klaas Boelen Art Director Maria Tarantino Editing Rudi Maerten Menno Boerema Sound Origan Cannella Bruno Schweisguth Animation no Music no Sound Editing Origan Cannella Maxime Coton Post Production Sound Mix Rémi Gerard Color Grading Michaël Cinquin Production Advisor Mieke De Wulf Additional Camera Virginie Surdej Katrien Vermeire Johan Legra