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magnificient kaaboom

«magnificient kaaboom !!!» zachary whitmore


Film Type: Animation, Short, Web / New Media, Other

Runtime: 9 minutes 35 seconds

Production Budget: 0 USD

Country of Origin: United States 2014

Country of Filming: United States

Film Language: English

Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will mark the resurgence of the cartoon. When the world has been shaven by a drunken barber, Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will grab planet earth by the throat, forcing it to heal, no longer aimlessly won- dering like the last mosquito of fall attempting to flutter away and out run the season of winter. Akin to Dorothy walking through the threshold of gray into a universe of color, Magnificent Kaaboom!!!will power the elements of communication and entertainment to regain their attention spans. In a cereal bowl full of memories, Magnificent Kaaboom!!!will be the marsh mellows - the best part.



Zachary T. Whitmore


Zachary T. Whitmore


Zachary T. Whitmore