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Madame à pris..

« Madame a pris sa décision, en-fin »

'Madame à pris sa décision'

Expérimental, 04’56 min, Format 16/9, 2012

The video tells a metaphorical story of madame passing some time in a cave outside the city. The main character introduces two strange relationships : one with the environment; another with a ghostly young daughter, who is his childhood. Madame completely denies this landscape, which is the antithesis of the experience of his childhood. Some objects in common (the red cutting, kite and jade bracelet) connect them between them.


Jing Wang, videographer and performer

Born in 1983 in Changsha in China, lives and works in Paris.

Jing WangChina-2012-4'56"

Worldwide RightsDV video-720x576-Stereo